Transport from Brisbane Airport To Gold Coast: What Are The Options?

Having trouble finding the best way to get from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast? Tell me about it… I went through that exact same scenario as well.

In August last year I had the daunting task of finding suitable transport from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast to (unfortunately) attend a friend’s funeral. Not having any real experience with Brisbane or the Gold Coast I wanted to find a service that was very easy, hassle-free and reasonably priced. So began my research on the internet to locate the most suitable service.

I did find quite a few different options that may or may not suit you or your personal circumstances. Each one had its own unique advantages or disadvantages, so in the end you will have to weigh it all up and decide.

Mini-Bus transfer

This was the option that I ended up choosing, so if you want to read my detailed review, you can see it here… Bus from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast.

But to touch on what I found… this method of travel suited me the best because the mini-bus driver was actually waiting for me at the baggage carousel at Brisbane Airport and the vehicle was parked right outside the front door… talk about too easy.

And then I was driven right to the front door of the hotel I was staying at on the Gold Coast. I was able to just sit back and relax in air-conditioned comfort without having to know where I was going. It was just so convenient and took all the worry and hassle out of the equation… and at only $85 for a return trip it really was a no-brainer for me. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car Hire

Car hire definitely has the convenience factor of being able to pick up the car from the airport and obviously drive it right to your hotel destination. You have the flexibility to be able to drive where you like and when you like. Price isn’t too bad, a little bit dearer than the mini-bus transfer, starting at $98 for a small car (plus your fuel of course) for a 48 hour hire.

Probably the main drawback with car hire is the fact that you have to find your own way out of Brisbane, down to the Gold Coast, and to your hotel by using either maps or GPS to guide the way. Plus the fact that you’re probably very tired from your long flight and not in the mood for battling with the huge volume of traffic. And this option is going to be out if you wanted to have a couple of alcoholic drinks on the flight beforehand.


Airtrain is a service that offers a train ride from Brisbane Airport to stations at the Gold Coast. This option has the advantage of avoiding any traffic congestion that may be present on the road and also can be a cheaper option at about $66 for a return fare.

However, it’s probable that you will have to get a taxi (means extra expense) from the train station on the Gold Coast to your accommodation, as it only goes as far as Varsity Lakes, which is quite a distance away from places like Surfers Paradise or Coolangatta (if you happen to be staying there).

The services run every half hour initially and then hourly from 8pm til 10pm (which is the last train to leave). So if your flight arrives after 10pm, you won’t be able to catch the train until 6am the next morning, which is a bit of a bother.


I won’t say too much here as the price seems rather prohibitive to be taking this option. Looking at the Yellow Cabs website and using their fare calculator, it appears that the fare would be about $200 to $300 ONE WAY, depending on which part of the Gold Coast you are travelling to. So I’ll leave that one with you.

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So there you have it… for me, the mini-bus transfer was the best option and one of the cheapest, but you may prefer one of the other options. If you want to find out how to get from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast I have written a detailed review of my experience.

Once you are finally on the Gold Coast, you may want to consider what tourist attractions you want to see… have a look around this site to get the heads-up.