Why You Should Go Tandem Paragliding on the Gold Coast

Paragliding is often one of those things that people only think about doing as they get older, and you will often see it on someone’s “bucket list”. But, there is no reason why you should wait to try paragliding and if you are planning on being in Australia, then now is the time to plan your trip to go tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast.

What Is Paragliding?

The main misconception that people have about paragliding, is that it’s when you are towed behind a boat… but this is actually called Parasailing. Paragliding is when you (and a partner) are harnessed under a large gliding parachute canopy, and the pilot is in charge of where you go and how long you fly. The paragliders are usually launched from the top of a hill or slope to take advantage of any wind blowing up the face of the slope, or any thermal activity.

Skilled paraglider pilots have been known to fly thousands of feet into the air and fly for hundreds of kilometers, with no engine and nothing but the power of the wind.

“Paragliding is the latest development in the sport of aviation with all the thrill and exhilaration of hang gliding in a back-pack sized aircraft. Launchable anywhere, from lofty mountain summits to small coastal sand-dunes. Extremely portable and easy to learn, with enough excitement to take your breath away.” More reading… About Paragliding.

Is This Safe?

Of course, with any kind of “extreme” sport, there is always a certain amount of risk and that is the same with tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast, so that is why you should be sure that you go with a company that has an excellent safety record. This is obviously not a sport that you would want to try out on your own, and in fact it is against the law in Australia to attempt to teach yourself how to fly without the assistance of a trained professional.

Paragliding comes under the umbrella of the Australian Hang gliding Federation, so be sure that the operator you are flying with is a current member organization.

One of the things that makes tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast so safe is that you will be gliding with a trained professional, and ideally someone who has already made hundreds, if not thousands of flights both solo and as a tandem. They will do the majority of the work, without making it feel like you are just along for the ride.

What Should You Look for in a Paragliding Firm?

The most important aspect of determining who you will be doing your tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast with is finding a company that has been around for a long time and has been determined to be safe. Then, you will want to look at the different kinds of flights that they offer. For the most part, someone who has never experienced this type of flying should try out a short-distance flight, such as those that go from approximately 500 meters or so and last anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

If you have a little more money, are more experienced, or you want more of a memorable adventure, then there are flights that can last a half hour or so, or even as long as an hour. In all cases, you will generally pay more for the longer flights, though you can sometimes save by buying packages or organizing flights for your entire group or family to enjoy while you are in this area of the country.

“Our flights allow you to absorb the sensation of totally controlled flight under the control of your experienced and fully certified HGFA tandem instructor. We are the most experienced and qualified tandem operation in Queensland and have been operating since 1993 with an impressive safety record.” Read more here… Paragliding Queensland.

Who Can Go on These Flights?

One of the really wonderful things about tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast is that this is an adventure that is perfect for just about anyone. There is no experience necessary in order to enjoy it, and it is also ideal for people who are older and even those who are disabled. Many people with disabilities take part in this type of adventure because there are no restrictions to what they can and cannot do – the wind and the instructor take care of everything and they are able to enjoy flight.

How Should You Book Your Trip?

In order to make sure that you have the best chance for a tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast adventure, you should book your trip well in advance, keeping in mind that there is a risk that weather may curtail your plans. Try to plan your flight long before you get to the Gold Coast, and then upon arrival, check in with the company to make sure that the weather is cooperating. If not, they may ask you to re-schedule or take another type of flight. As long as you are flexible though, you should be able to enjoy some type of flight while you are on the Gold Coast.

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Other Resources

“Jason has spent the last 12 years as a full time paragliding and hang gliding instructor working throughout Australia and overseas in Asia with several major training facilities. With a 100% safety record Jason has completed over 2000 tandem flights.” Read more… Tandem Paragliding.

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