Is Sailing on the Gold Coast of Australia Right for You?

When you are planning your trip to the Gold Coast of Australia, you probably plan on spending  a lot of time in the clubs and pubs, some time on the beach, and maybe some time doing some shopping. It is awfully nice to sit on the beach or outside a restaurant, watching the surf, and some people enjoy surfing or swimming in it too, but if you really want to get a look at the Gold Coast, you should take it all in on a sailing adventure.

Sailing on the Gold Coast of Australia

It is actually quite difficult to describe the entire range of sailing trips that you can take when you are on the Gold Coast, but one of the most unique sailing trips would have to be on a tall ship cruise. These range from day-long adventure excursions to just a few hours out with a drink or two on the way.

The term “sailing” is used fairly loosely on the Gold Coast and you might find that you expect to see a ship with a whole lot of sails, only to find out that you are on an enormous speed boat going faster than you have ever gone on the surf. Therefore, the kind of “sailing” trip that you choose should reflect the type of sailor that you are.

Day Cruises

One popular type of sailing in Gold Coast Australia is a day or half-day trip to see the whales. Obviously, there is never a guarantee involved with any whale watching trip, but the captains know the best places to go to see the whales and to view them from a safe distance. More often than not, you will get closer to the whales than you ever thought possible and this can be a lot of fun for your entire family.

Island Destination Cruises

Some of the larger sailing companies on the Gold Coast, have access to small, private islands where you can partake in a little partying before you head back to port. These are great fun for large groups, for company events, or even for families, and they allow you to experience life out on the sea, but also get to see a part of Australia that you might not otherwise have seen.

Watersports Cruises

If you are a little more adventurous, then you might want to go sailing on the Gold Coast and work in a little jet ski or wakeboarding while you are out there. Some of these sailing adventures are able to take you to a destination where you will have access to a variety of water craft that you can utilize while you are there. You can also partake in scuba diving or snorkeling while you are out on the water – the trick is just to find a sailing trip that really suits the kind of experience that you are looking for.

Are These All Party Boats?

Many people think that as soon as a boat leaves the harbor, everyone starts drinking and they all come home sunburnt and hung-over, but that is not always the case. Many people enjoy sailing at Gold Coast Australia as a way to actually get away from all of the partying on the beach, while others use it as a way to see parts of the sea or the country that they have never seen before. Whether you take a sailing trip as a way to see more wildlife, visit the whales, or visit a new island that you have never been to, you will undoubtedly have a memorable time.

On the other hand, there are definitely some companies that specialize in fairly spectacular party boats where everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. Safety is always the most important thing for party-goers and staff alike, so you might want to leave your heavy drinking for when you are on shore, but if you are looking for a relaxing or an adventurous time out on the water and would like to get further away from the crowds on the beach, then climbing aboard a boat is a great way to learn how to enjoy the Gold Coast in a different way.

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Where To Book

I’ve had a good look online and found these three operators, so click on the links below to get further information and/or to book your experience…

“Welcome to the world of sailing with Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast. Our packages range from a South Stradbroke Is. discovery, 1 hour Gold Coast cruises, whale watching,  or maybe a pamper package sailing adventure. We have many packages to choose from, or we can tailor something for you. We are a small family business specialising in private yacht charters with our own private Day Spa.” More reading at … Getaway sailing on the Gold Coast

“Now working together they hope to introduce as many people as they can to the calming effects of life on the water. Either aboard “Epsilon”, for small groups of 2 to 10 people or a classic tall ship for larger groups of up to 38 people.” Read more … Champagne Sailing Cruises

“Tallship Cruises offer a variety of options; choose between a calm water Island Adventure or Tallship Cruise to McLarens Landing South Stradbroke Island. Relax with a Whale Watching Tour onboard a luxury Fast Catamaran along the Gold Coast Beaches throughout the Queensland Whale Watching season. Parasailing in Paradise, departs from Mariners Cove Marina, off the Tallship or from South Stradbroke Island.” More reading … Tall Ship cruises