Can You Take Kite Surfing Lessons on Gold Coast Australia?

There are plenty of things to do while you are on the Gold Coast of Australia, but kite surfing might be one that you never thought you would have the opportunity to do. This is a unique sport that really combines many other sports into one very exciting event and even if you have never spent a whole lot of time on a windsurfer or wakeboard, you can still enjoy this pastime while you are on the Gold Coast.

What Is Kite Surfing?

In certain areas of the world, where there is some good wind and some decent waves near the beach, you can find men and women on kite boards that are propelled solely by the wind. Of course, if you have windsurfed in the past, then you will have a much easier time of this sport, but for the most part, the only requirement is that you be a good swimmer.

The sport has been around for a little more than 20 years and is believed to have been started in Hawaii. Now you will see people doing this all over the world, using different kinds of boards and a wide array of kites that are specially designed for this purpose.

The kite board is much like a wake board except that your feet are held in place so that you don’t lose the board when you are airborne. You hold on to a specially designed kite that will propel you to amazing heights and speeds, not to mention the fact that you can do a lot of tricks while you are up in the air. Basically, if you are someone who really enjoys the water, speed, and excitement, then kite surfing lessons can be a lot of fun.

What Do You Need To Take Kite Surfing Lessons?

The first thing that you should know is that your first lesson will be a basic introductory lesson and may only last one or two hours. You shouldn’t expect too much out of that lesson since this is a complicated and somewhat treacherous sport if you are new to it. However, if you have the time while you are on the Gold Coast, you should try to book several lessons.

When you turn up for your kite surfing lessons, you should bring a swim suit, sunscreen, a towel, and a change of clothing. Some people will kite surf with their sunglasses on, while others will wear a rash guard to protect their skin. It is also important that you be properly hydrated and full of energy because this is one sport that will really wear you out!

What Else Do You Need To Know?

When you are starting a new sport, especially one that involves two of Mother Nature’s strongest forces – water and wind – you should expect to have a fairly steep learning curve. For instance, you will need to understand wind and how it is used to propel a kite and therefore yourself in a particular fashion. You will also need to learn a variety of signals that will help you and your instructor communicate with each other.

Much like in other sports such as surfing or sailing, there are rules and certain forms of etiquette that you will want to learn before you get out there and mix it up with other kite surfers. Especially when you are new, you should know when to give the right of way to another person as well as how to ask for help when you need it.

Where to Find Kite Surfing Schools?

You will find many good kite surfing schools on the Gold Coast, and as usual the best place to look is online. I’ve found a few that will get you started…

“One on one lessons – everyone learns differently & our tailored lessons will accelerate your learning. With complete attention from our instructor for the entire 3 hour lesson, teaching you the small things that will increase your progression & get you on the water faster.” More reading … Kite Surfing Lesson Gold Coast.

“Lessons are available every day (weather dependent), and last for 2 hours. Small groups (a maximum of 2) ensure plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor. A range of up-to-date beginner-specific equipment is provided to suit your ability. The shallow sandbanks and flat waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater provide the ideal conditions to learn and improve your kitesurfing skills.” More reading … Kite Boarding Lessons.

“…now is the time to learn one of the most exhilarating and addictive water sports on the planet, kitesurfing. Skyhigh Kitesurfing School will deliver the skills needed to enjoy this extreme sport safely and cost efficiently. Central to all areas from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay and based in the Tweed area, a lesson is always close at hand with a number of perfect beach locations for different wind directions.” More reading … Skyhigh Kite Surfing.

What Should You Expect From Kite Surfing Lessons in Gold Coast Australia?

Your first few kite surfing lessons will involve a lot of education about the kite, how to launch it, and how to handle it when you are on your own both in and out of the water. You will also learn how to re-launch your kite should it go down while you are in the water – which is a lot harder than it sounds.

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In addition, you should expect to be provided with all of the equipment that you need, including the kite, the board, perhaps some form of additional flotation device, and a lot of instruction on how to safely take part in this exciting sport.