Where To Find Jet Ski Tours on the Gold Coast

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Jet ski Safaris

There are few people who don’t enjoy the fun and excitement of getting on a jet ski or some other type of motorized watercraft, but if you aren’t really comfortable in the water or driving something with such power, then you may not be able to get as much out of the trip as you would like. What is good to know if you are planning on a trip to the Gold Coast, there are now organized jet ski tours on the Gold Coast that you can take that will show you more of the coastline, more of the water and sea life, and more excitement than you would ever encounter on your own.

What Are Jet Ski Tours?

If you are like most folks, your idea of jet skiing is simply renting a jet ski and going out on the water to play around with them for an hour or so. While this can be fun, you can end up having a much better experience if you allow someone to show you just where to go and how to get there. When you go on jet ski tours of the Gold Coast, you will get to see some of the interesting and hidden inlets and waterways that most people don’t know about, and really get the most for your money while you are out on the water.

There are some jet ski tours that are led by a single tour guide on his or her own jet ski, while others allow you to ride tandem. These tend to more adventurous and will allow you to see what it feels like to be onboard a jet ski when someone really knows how to drive one!

What Kinds of Tours Are There?

Jetrider Jetski Adventures

What is interesting about the Gold Coast is that it is incredibly beautiful from the shore, but even more so when you are out on the water, and so you will find that most of the jet ski tours of the Gold Coast take you fairly far out so you can get some smooth water to play around in. Also, you will get to see marine life that you just would never see up close, other than in an aquarium.

Some tours are as short as 20-30 minutes, while others may last longer, and enable you to spend up to four hours on the water. The type of tour you take will likely depend on whether you are looking for sightseeing, or you want to spend time playing with the jet skis and perfecting your tricks. It is completely up to you.

What Do They Cost?

The cost of renting a jet ski anywhere in the world is often prohibitive for many people, not only because they are expensive to own, but also because they go through an awful lot of gas very quickly. So, one way that you can enjoy jet ski tours of the Gold Coast is to double up on the jet skis. If you are travelling with four people, you can often rent just two jet skis, essentially halving the price of your trip.

How Do You Book?

It is often essential that you book your jet ski tours of the Gold Coast long before you get to Australia. Just as it’s important to organise transport from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast ahead of time. This will help to ensure that you not only get the best price but also that you get to go on the kind of tour that you have always wanted. You can also book another tour once you have tried it out for yourself, and many companies will offer a discounted price for repeat customers.

When you are looking for a jet ski company to book with, make sure that you book with one that has a long record of providing good service to their customers and one that is also known for keeping reservations. The last thing you want to happen is for you and your party to arrive on the Gold Coast and find that your reservations have been cancelled for some unknown reason. But, providing you choose a high quality company, you will have a wonderful time out on the waters of the Gold Coast, seeing this region from an all new perspective.

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Where To Book?

As usual, there are plenty of choices available for getting info and for booking your jet ski tour. I’ve supplied a few links for you to have a look at…

“You take control and are the pilot of the Jet Ski but to make sure you get the best out of your adventure our guide is there to offer advice and assistance as well as show you the way throughout the journey. Then you’re off from the marina for the start of what will be an adventure you will remember. Whether it’s the 3/4, 1, 1.5 or 2hr trip you’re sure to have a great experience.” Read more here… Gold Coast Jet Ski.

“Our Seadoo Jet Skis are the 1500cc – extremely powerful. These jetskis are very lite and accelerate lighting fast which means it is easy to jump waves and land. If you dare to hold the gas button down, the Seadoo will take you around comer like it is on train tracks. Or you can just slow down and take in the serenity.” Read more… Jetrider Jetski Adventures.

“With over 11 years of operating experience, we are considered by everyone who has ever ridden with us to be the ultimate of all watersports or any other activities on the Gold Coast. We have a fleet of 18-20 Seadoo skis these seat 2 people comfortably and therefore price can be shared if required.” More reading… Jet Ski Safaris.

“Ride an awesome jetski 15km to South Stradbroke Island! South Stradbroke beaches beckon you from your departure point at Seaworld Resort. Get up to 100kph skimming across waves for a one hour adventure. Get ready for some jetski action! Experience the beauty of South Stradbroke Island and the impressive mansions of the Gold Coast on our awesome SeaDoo jetski’s.” More reading… Extreme Jet Ski Hire.