Hot Air Ballooning on the Gold Coast of Queensland

It has been more than 225 years since the very first hot air balloon made it into the air and was able to travel with a man onboard. In fact, that very first flight, which took place in France, frightened the people so much that when the balloon landed, the local people stabbed the balloon with pitch forks, thinking that it must be something sent by the devil! Of course, hot air ballooning has changed a lot during that time and hot air balloons are now thought of as beautiful and amazing forms of flight.

Why Should You Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

The truth is that most people really would love to do this, but many times they are frightened because they don’t quite understand how hot air balloons work or how incredibly safe they are. There is another downside to them of course, and that is that your flight will most likely take place early in the morning when the air is colder and the winds are lighter.

There are a few things that make hot air ballooning on the Gold Coast of Queensland so much different than any other form of flight or travel. First of all, once you have lifted off, you will notice how quiet and gentle the flight is. The fact that you aren’t encased within windows means that you can clearly see and feel what is around you and of course you will get to see everything within 360 degrees of where you are.

Who Can Go Hot Air Ballooning?

There is no limitation to who can travel on a hot air balloon, and you will see both young and old people doing it, as well as those who have disabilities. Even people who suffer from a fear of heights or are uncomfortable in airplanes quickly overcome their fears when they are up in the air, and they soon begin to really enjoy the flight.

Generally speaking, the minimum age for going up in a balloon is four years old, and that is both for the safety of the child and the other passengers. As long as a child as older than four years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian, they can fly.

What About Heights?

If you are thinking that you wouldn’t enjoy hot air ballooning on the Gold Coast because of your fear of heights, then you should think again. Most people who have reported fearing heights have found that not only do they enjoy their time in a hot air balloon, but they also find that it helps them to overcome their fears overall and that their future experiences with heights are a lot easier to handle.

How Should You Book Your Trip?

Because there are only so many hot air balloons available on the days when the weather is ideal, you need to make sure that you book your trip as far ahead of time as possible. Of course, there is no guarantee that the weather will be on your side and you may end up having to change the date, time, or the location, but having a reservation in place before you get to the Gold Coast means that you will have a much better chance of taking off at the appointed time.

When you are looking at companies that offer hot air ballooning on the Gold Coast of Queensland, make sure that you choose one that is fully registered with the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority, and that your pilot will be fully certified. There is a certain amount of risk any time you go up in the air, so you will want to make sure that the people you are working with have a sufficient amount of experience.

Is This a Valuable Experience?

Hot air ballooning is something that most people would do if given the chance and if you have the opportunity to go hot air ballooning on the Gold Coast of Queensland, then you should. It is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life and it is well worth the cost and getting up early in order to do it.

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Where to Book?

As usual, there are plenty of options on the Gold Coast for booking your experience, so just click on the links below to see which one suits you best…

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