Enjoy Your Holiday with Gold Coast Kayak Tours

Few of us have the time or the equipment to spend time kayaking at home, so it is something that a lot of vacationers really enjoy doing when they are on the Gold Coast. With the beautiful, warm water and the clear, blue skies, kayaking is a great form of easy exercise but one that will also allow you to see the Gold Coast in an entirely different way. With Gold Coast kayak tours, you can experience just what it feels like to be on the water, but do so on a very close-up basis.

What Do You Need?

Perhaps the best part of Gold Coast kayak tours is that you don’t really need anything, other than some adventure. There are a few things that you should bring along with you, but you probably already have these if you are at the beach, including:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes that may get wet
  • Appropriate footwear

Some companies that run these tours will allow you to store your personal items in lockers on shore, or they may have a waterproof place onboard where you can put your cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. Ideally though, it is best if you are able to leave those items elsewhere in case you do happen to get water in your boat.

Do You Need Special Skills?

While there are certainly some people who are exceptionally skilled at kayaking in all kinds of water and weather, the truth is that you don’t need any skills at all. In fact, you can go on Gold Coast kayak tours without any kayaking experience at all. You will get all the help you need before you head out on the water, including how to paddle, how to steer, and how to make sure that your boat stays upright at all times. Of course, you will also be wearing a life jacket, so there is no risk to you and the guides will be plenty prepared to help you should you get into trouble.

What Types of Gold Coast Kayak Tours Are There?

Because not everyone wants to go out in the middle of the day or do the same thing when they are on the water, you will find that there is a wide variety of tours for just about every type of kayaker. For instance, you can go out with a large group for an entire afternoon and see tropical fish, or you could just go out for a shorter period of time and look at the fish that are nearer the coastal piers.

There are also twilight kayak tours which can be very different than the daytime tours, primarily because you will get to see views of the skyline that you would never otherwise see, and many of these tours also include some type of refreshments, such as wine and cheese!

Is This the Right Trip for You?

One of the advantages of going on Gold Coast kayak tours is that because you are so low to the water and you are the one in charge of steering the boat, many people who usually get seasick out on the sea do not get seasick on a kayak. So, if you are uncomfortable in the water or near the water, or you are someone who just doesn’t do well on larger boats, then this is a fun and peaceful experience that you should be able to enjoy without any side effects. As long as you are able to get into the boat comfortably you will enjoy your ride.

What About Price?

The other feature of going on Gold Coast kayak tours that a lot of people really appreciate is that this is perhaps the most affordable of all the options you will have for experiencing time on the water. This is certainly much cheaper than a jet ski or a speed boat ride and you will get more for your money in terms of time on the water. Whether you are an experienced kayaker or you don’t even know what one looks like, Gold Coast kayak tours are perfect for your entire family or group of friends to really get to see what life on the water is like.

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Where to Book?

Click on the links below to get more info or to go ahead and book your adventure on the water…

“We pride ourselves in making our adventures the safest and most fun you can have with a paddle. Located on the beautiful Gold Coast, our adventures are conducted on the pristine waters of the Broadwater, where we regularly see all kinds of Marine life (eg Dolphins, Turtles, Stingrays) and thousands of sub-tropical fish.” More reading at … Kayaking and Snorkeling Eco Adventures.

“Dolphins, Stingrays and marine life galore! The Gold Coast is the perfect setting for those seeking an experience that is truly one of a kind! As you glide along the tranquil waters of the coast, full 360 degree views of pristine scenery surrounds you, pair this with an underwater snorkeling adventure and this half day kayaking tour is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime!” Read more … Half Day Kayaking Tour, Gold Coast – QLD.